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mahatmaimageNileshwar is a small town of North Malabar and has an important place in the historical map of Kerala. It was the seat of Nileshwar Raja of the “Allada Swaroopam” dynasty, who ruled the area from Bekal to Olavara, near Payyannur. This place has a rich heritage as a cultural and educational center. As a land of temples and festivals Nileshwar is an abode of folklore and performing arts like Theyyam and Poorakkali. Nileshwar being a cynosure of aesthetic minds is known as the cultural capital of Kasaragod District.

Being very close to the coastal belt and also as a gateway to the plantation highlands Nileshwar has a century’s old legacy as one of the important commercial market of Malabar for the trading of spices, hill produces and all types of cash crops. Nileshwar is famous for Coconut cultivation and the establishment of one of the oldest Coconut Research Station in India, which later transformed as an Agricultural college under the Kerala Agricultural University, lies in the outskirts of Nileshwar.

This place has set an indelible mark in the political history of Kerala by its contribution in the freedom movement and political struggle which produced a number of political leaders of the state.

This place is also famous for handloom industry. The people of Weavers street, from where the idea of forming the Mahathma Educational Society was originated, have an influential role in changing the social and cultural fabric of this area.

Nileshwar has a high reputation for its social and communal harmony where people from all religious and communal systems live together with utmost cohesion, co-existence and tolerance.

Nileshwar is gifted with natural beauty with its palm fringed costal lines, encircled by Tejaswani and Nileshwar Rivers, tiny islands surrounded by backwaters on the west, enchanting valleys on the east, this place is growing as an important destination for tourism.